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GhostOnAcid: Return of the Sun 029 + 1 more Set

Unser DJ GhostOnAcid hat eine neue Folge von Return of the Sun hochgeladen. Außerdem gibt es noch ein weiteres Set von ihm, welches aber ein wenig anders ist, als von ihm gewohnt.

This time the set starts calm with breaks and is very atmospheric and spacy. Goes on into midtempo Goatrance/Trance. The speed rises and the set ends with full power melodic Goatrance. Enjoy the trip! 🙂

Earth Nation – Transfiguration // Eye Q
KoxBox – Space Interface // Harthouse
Psychlopedia – The Gurning Point // Spiral Trax
Miranda ‎– Timeless Worlds Of Space // Koyote Records
Der Stern Von Afrika – Lumbumbashi // POF Music
Cygnus X – Synchronism // Eye Q
Arronax – Dreams Of Planet Earth // Neogoa
Total Eclipse – The Furnace (Summer 1996 Live Mix) // DAT
The Infonaut – Cthugha // POF Music
Imba & Nova Fractal – Sevilla In Trance // Suntrip
Quadra – LFOs & UFOs // Discobole



The idea behind the „Colorful Electronica“-Sets is to bring many genres of electronic dance music together. No matter it is techno, trance, goa, breaks, ambient or house. Or its old, or its new. Or its fast or slow. Back in the 90s all styles were played at one party.
I selected and mix all tracks carefully, so you have a nice colorful journey through the beauty of electronic dance music. 🙂

Stevie B Zet – Blue Illusion (Flat Horizin Mix) //EyeQ
Voiski – Megatrance //Super 95
Zirrex – Hollystrerius //Hado
Guusun – Watashidare (Masa Remix) //Matsuri Digital
Butch – Countach //Cocoon
Benjamin Fröhlich – Dream City (Zombies In Miami Remix) //Permanent Vacation
Sven Väth – Robot //Eye Q
Alexander Kowalski – The Carbon Boy //Mord
Filteria – Back to Earth //Suntrip
Aoud – SE MK II //Persephonic Sirens
Doof – Giving Godhead //DAT

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